The Magnificence of the Lord


Psalm 19

One afternoon, as I was leaving work, I couldn’t get over the beautiful sunset that was taking place.  It was for just a few fleeting moments, between the time of sunset and when total darkness was about to take place.  The sky was the most amazing blue color that I have ever seen in my life.  It was one of those “aha” moments that we really need every so often to remind us of the “magnificence of the Lord!”  I could have (and should have) shouted for joy right there in the Postal Service parking lot!

It was simply one of those subtle reminders from God that He is indeed the Creator of the entire universe.  No painter; Rembrandt, Renoir or Van Gogh, could with a stroke (or many strokes) of the brush, even come close to duplicating God’s artwork in the universe, past, present and future.

We need to continually remind ourselves of this fact.  If we don’t , we will continue to see the world through our bias instead of the Lord’s viewpoint.  We will continue to view things through our own experiences and frustrations.  I can remember  hearing a saying once:

I was drowning in my sorrows, but my sorrows learned to swim.

May we not drown in our sorrows, but see the MAGNIFICENCE of the Lord ALMIGHTY!